Turkic University Union Student Council organized the event at Bishkek Humanities University

Turkic Council Turkic University Union Student Council organized activities together with other member universities. Prof.Dr Sebahattin Balcı the Rector of Kyrgyzstan-Turkey Manas University and the President of Turkic Universities Union, Prof.Dr. Abdylda Musaev the Rector of Humanities University, Dr. Chynara Adamkulova the Rector of Kyrgyz National University and lecturers and students of member universities joined the event hosted by Bishkek Humanities University  on March 15,2017.Speaker of the event ,Prof.Dr Sebahattin Balcı said “Today is a very meaningful and happy day for us. Our supreme nationalism which  established one of the richest civilizations in human history and strengthened its unity in the 21st century,faced the opportunity to revitalise our civilization from Central Asia to Europe.The  Youth of Turkic World are who would achieve this  and exhibit unity and friendship we see in this program.We trust young people and appreciate all of them.We value and support the activities of the Turkic University Union.This year we will launch student and lecturer exchange program in a pilot implementation.We will start the program in September, 2017.We will organize competitions in 5 branches in Turkic University Union Sport Games.There will be around 200 participants. It is important for students to come together.Therefore we came up with the slogan “Sport for the Union”.The event will be convened in Baku in the autumn.You can access all kinds of information from the website of Turkic University Union(TURKUNIB) www.turkunib.com

Prof.Dr Abdylda Musaev,Rector of Bishkek Humanities University also spoke at the Turkic University Student Council,stating that they started to make a great contributions to the future ,they are candidates for meaningful and rewarding works,they are happy.Prof.Dr Abdylda Musaev expressed that the activities of young people very significant for the Turkic World which was established to be able to look ahead   future with confidence and to sign great works in the rich history.The program hold at  Bishkek Humanities University convened a concert in which the performances of KTMU Turkic World Orchestra and students from member universities took place.