The regulation is designed to establish the Central Asian Universities Association (CAUA), which brings together universities in Central Asia and neighboring countries that have agreed to implement the joint productive activities in conformity with the following goals and objectives.

The goals of the Central Asian Universities Association are to expand cooperation among universities and organizations, promote internationalization, ensure academic mobility of students and teachers, develop joint degree and educational programs, and a unified credit transfer system, create the quality controlsystem and mechanisms for accreditation, as well as to develop projects promoting regional development,taking into account the strengths of member Universities of the Association. The Association will play an important role in scientific, economic and socio-cultural collaboration in Central Asia, and will enhance cooperation among the countries of the region and pave the way for a rapprochement of nations and peoples of the region.

* Conferences, symposiums, seminars and workshops;
* Fairs, exhibitions and competitions;
* Activities to improve the professional qualifications, courses and summer schools;
* Joint multinational projects, which contribute to the development at the local and regional level;
* Projects aimed at bringing together the peoples and establishing intercultural dialogue/interaction;
* Projects on the exchange of students and lecturers;
* Programs on the exchange of experience between the managerial and administrative staff;
* Activities for the development of joint educational programs and the creation of credit-transfer system;
* Activities for the modernization of the system of quality control and accreditation;
* Activities for the creation of online networking with similar international organizations.

The Association shall be headed by the President of the Association, the General Meeting and the Board of the Association. All the heads of the member organizations of the Association shall be members of the General Meeting of the Association. The General Meeting of the Association shall appoint members of the Board of the Association for a period of 3 years. The Board of the Association shall appoint President of the Association for a period of 3 years.